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Book Review: Moonwalking with Einstein by Josh Foer 9/10

I Like To Read

Incredible book!!! Moonwalking with Einstein is a 101 guide book to the world of Mental Athletes (aka. MAs). MAs are people with average intelligent who push their memory to its limits. Joshua Foer semi-accidentally falls upon this MAs and the US and World Championships, and decides to become an MA himself. From an average memory capacity, Foer become the US Memory Champion with only a year of training!

The book gives history, background, and techniques on how to become an MA, and it actually works! You would have thought memorizing a 100 digit number within 5 minutes sound impossible, but after a few hour of practice, I got to memorizing 30 digits number within 4 minutes. Crazy!!!

This book will open your eyes to the wonders of your brain capacity, and challenge  you to push its limit. The book is very entertaining and highly informative as well. I think this is a book for…

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