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The 2012 USA Best Book Awards (Part 3)

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Children’s Book Series

Book Title: Arkeepers Episode One through Four
Author: W.J. Madsen
Publisher: little m books
ISBN: 978-0983048 (701) (718) (725) (732)

Finalist: Bellyache: A Delicious Tale by Crystal Marcos – Cat Marcs Publishing – 978-0984389902
Finalist: Johnny Big-Ears, Meets His New Neighbor Suzy by John Paul Padilla, illustrated by Victor Ramon Mojica – Padilla Goldworks – 978-0985313722
Finalist: Rachel Raccoon and Sammy Skunk Educational Children’s Books – Photographs and Stories by Jannifer Powelson – Rising Phoenix Press
Finalist: Rachel and Sammy Visit the Prairie – 978-0615686660
Finalist: Rachel and Sammy Visit the Forest – 978-0615686677
Finalist: Rachel and Sammy Learn About Trees – 978-0615686417

Children’s Educational

Book Title: A Dog is a Dog and That’s why he’s so special
Author: Clarice Rutherford
Publisher: Alpine Publications, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-57779-103-4

Finalist: Arizona Way Out West & Wacky: Awesome Activities, Humorous History, and Fun Facts! by Conrad J. Storad & Lynda Exley, illustrated by – Michael Hagelberg – Five Star Publications, Inc. – 978-1-58985-047-7

Children’s Fiction

Book Title: The Voyage of the Sea Wolf
Author: Eve Bunting
Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press
ISBN: 978-1585367900

Finalist: Bellyache: A Delicious Tale by Crystal Marcos – Cat Marcs Publishing – 978-0984389902
Finalist: Hermis and Howard: A Bully Finds His Heart by Diane Hipp, illustrated by Steve Harpster – Stoneydale Press Publishing Company –
Finalist: I Want to Make Friends by B. Annye Rothenberg, Ph.D., illustrated by bonnie Bright – Perfecting Parenting Press – 978-0-9790420-4-1
Finalist: North Coast Almanac by Paul R. Dimond – Huron River Press – 978-193239929-5
Finalist: Since 1959: An Eight Year-old’s Initiation into the World of Cleveland Indians Baseball and Life in the Fifties by William Boryk – Mirror Publishing – 978-1-61225-029-8
Finalist: Stella Batts Needs a New Name by Courtney Sheinmel, illustrated by Jennifer A. Bell – Sleeping Bear Press – 978-1585361830

Children’s Mind/Body/Spirit

Book Title: Mommy, Daddy, I Had a Bad Dream! by Martha Heineman Pieper, Ph.D., illustrated
Author:Jo Gershman
Publisher: Smart Love Press, LLC
ISBN: 978-0983866404

Finalist: Finalist – And Still They Bloom: A Family’s Journey of Loss and Healing by Amy Rovere, illustrated by Joel Spector – American Cancer Society – 978-1604430363
Finalist: Finalist – Good For You Grisha! Teaching Kids Ways to Cope by Karen Westhoven, illustrated by Mary Gregg Byrne – Nelson Publishing and Marketing – 978-1938326-03-5
Finalist: Finalist – Jyoti Meditation for Children by Rajinder Singh, illustrations by Michael Schulbaum – Radiance Publishers – 978-0-918224-81-1
Finalist: Finalist – The Secret to Happiness: Hugo the Happy Starfish by Suzy Liebermann – Happy Language Kids, LLC – 978-1-935997-02-3
Finalist: Finalist – Your Invisible Bodies: A reference for children and adults about human energy fields by Sharon Montgomery – Words By Montgomery – 978-0-9811089-2-6

Children’s Non-Fiction

Book Title: A Dog is a Dog and That’s why he’s so special
Author: Clarice Rutherford
Publisher: Alpine Publications, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-57779-103-4

Finalist: Frederick Douglass for Kids: His Life and Times with 21 Activities by Nancy I. Sanders – Chicago Review Press – 978-1569767177
Finalist: Jack and Larry: Jack Graney and Larry, the Cleveland Baseball Dog by Barbara Gregorich – CreateSpace – 978-1-467958011
Finalist: Jelly Bean Finds Her Special Place by Jane Edwards and Renee Pappas – Lewis Color, Inc. – 978-0615456928
Finalist: Native Writers Voices of Power by Kim Sigafus and Lyle Ernst – 7th Generation – 978-2-977918386

Children’s Novelty & Gift

Book Title: Pablo Visits the Desert by Mary Wisham Fenstermacher, illustrations
Author: Sandra Leinonen Dunn
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 978-1-4490-5180-8

Finalist: Pablo Visits the Ocean by Mary Wisham Fenstermacher, illustrations by Sandra Leinonen Dunn – AuthorHouse –

Children’s Picture Book: Hardcover Fiction

Book Title: Wings Within by Franklin Hill, Ph.D., illustrated
Author: Aries Cheung
Publisher: Illumination Arts
ISBN: 978-0-615-50779-8

Finalist: A Giraffe Did One by Jerry Pallotta, illutrated by Tatjana Mai-Wyss – Sleeping Bear Press – 978-1585366415
Finalist: The Conference of the Birds by Alexis York Lumbard, illustrated by Demi – World Wisdom, Inc. – 978-1-937786-02-1
Finalist: The Knight, the Princess & the Magic Rock by Sara Azizi, illustrated by Alireza Sadeghian – World Wisdom, Inc. – 978-1-937786-01-4
Finalist: What’s Looking at You, Kid? By J. Patrick Lewis, illustrated by Renee Graef – Sleeping Bear Press – 978-1585367931
Finalist: Winds, a Legend from the Lower Yukon by Armen and Aida Marasli, illustrated by Zepur Hanimyan – World Legends for Kids – 978-0-9826528-1-7

Children’s Picture Book: Hardcover Non-Fiction

Book Title: Vegan Is Love: Having Heart and Taking Action
Author: Ruby Roth
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
ISBN: 978-158394-354-0

Finalist: Broke Leg Bear: A True Story by Loren Spiotta-DiMare, illustrated by Key Wilde – Woodlands Wildlife Refuge –
Finalist: Surviving the Hindenburg by Larry Verstraete, illustrated by David Geister – Sleeping Bear Press – 978-1585367870
Finalist: T is for Titanic: A Titanic Alphabet by Debbie & Michael Shoulders, illustrated by Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen – Sleeping Bear Press – 978-1585361762
Finalist: Twice as Good: The Story of William Powell and Clearview, The Only Golf Course Designed, Built, and Owned by an African American by Richard Michelson, illustrated by Eric Velasquez – Sleeping Bear Press – 978-1585364664

Children’s Picture Book: Softcover Fiction

Book Title: The Hero in Me by Susan Fitzsimonds, illustrated
Author: Jeff Covieo
Publisher: Nelson Publishing and Marketing
ISBN: 978-1-933916-94-1

Finalist: Arlo Goes to the Dentist by Karisa Lowe – Karisa Lowe – 978-0-578-09515-8
Finalist: In Search of The Great Wild Kawkins by C.F. Lawrenson – Asaph Waters Editions – 978-0-9859693-0-1
Finalist: Johnny Big-Ears, The Feel-Good Friend by John Paul Padilla, illustrated by Victor Ramon Mojica – Padilla Goldworks – 978-0985313715
Finalist: Kangaroo’s Shoes by Richelle Taylor Krzak, illustrations by Sunny Colaneri – AuthorHouse – 978-1452084695
Finalist: Manuel’s Murals by Jeaninne Escallier Kato, illustrated by Rachel Smith – 3L Publishing, LLC – 978-0615575438
Finalist: Miss Sugar Crumb’s Cooking Lesson by Malinda Mitchell, illustrated by Nora Tapp Franzese – Tex-Ware – 978-1-935500-15-5

Children’s Picture Book: Softcover Non-Fiction

Book Title: Imagine a Butterfly
Author: Stanford Apseloff
Publisher: Ohio Distinctive Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-936722-03-2

Finalist: The Cookie That Saved My Family by Bill Freund – Rhyme Time Publishers – 978-0-984634675

Children’s Religious

Book Title: God is My Hero by Jennifer Manalis, illustrated by Brandon Fall
Publisher: Jennifer Manalis
ISBN: 978-0-615-47294-2

Finalist: Sweet Sister Don’t Be Afraid by Karen Vause Green, illustrated by Mona Larkins – Heart to Heart Publishing, Inc. – 978-0-9802486-0-9
Finalist: Why Am I Here? by Dolores Anderson Mitchell – Tate Publishing Co. – 978-1-61777-747-9

College Guides

Book Title: IN! College Admissions and Beyond: The Expert’s Proven Strategy for Success
Author: Lillian Luterman & Jennifer Bloom
Publisher: Abbeville Press
ISBN: 978-0-7892-1062-3

Cookbooks: General

Book Title: Holly Clegg’s trim&TERRIFIC™: Kitchen 101: Secrets to Cooking Confidence
Author: Holly Clegg Cookbook Collection
ISBN: 978-0-9815640-2-9

Finalist: Farmstead Chef by John Ivanko & Lisa Kivirist – New Society Publishers – 978-0-86571-703-9
Finalist: The Alive Recipe Collection: Sculpting Your Body With Food by Rae Hatherton – Tibetan Energy Medicine Press – 978-098683581-0
Finalist: You’re Invited! Party Recipes for Every Season by Debbie Lestina – Favorite Recipes Press – 978-0-615-58458-4

Cookbooks: International

Book Title: One Egg Is A Fortune
Author: Pnina Jacobson & Judy Kempler
Publisher: One Egg Is A Fortune
ISBN: 978-0987157706

Finalist: The Traveling Soup Pot: A Savory Journey Through Many Lands by Mary Chamberlin – Park Place Publications – 978-1-935530-27-5

Cookbooks: Regional

Book Title: Culinary Classics from Beachside to Boardwalk
Author: The Junior League of Galveston County
Publisher: Favorite Recipes Press
ISBN: 978-0-615-32379-4


Book Title: The Art of Fixing Things
Author: Lawrence Pierce
Publisher: Lawrence Pierce
ISBN: 978-1-466296336

Finalist: Humor in Craft by Brigitte Martin – Schiffer Publishing – 978-0764340598
Finalist: Patchwork Sassaman Style: Recipes for Dazzling Quilts by Jane Sassaman – Dragon Threads, Ltd. – 978-0-9818860-3-9

Current Events

Book Title: Force Decisions: A Citizens Guide to Understanding How Police Determine Appropriate Use of Force
Author: Rory Miller
Publisher: YMAA Publication Center, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-59439-243-6

Finalist: APPLE for President by William Keiper – FirstGlobal Partners LLC – 978-0984989324
Finalist: What Does Islam Mean in Today’s World?: Religion, Politics, Spirituality by William Stoddart – World Wisdom, Inc. – 978-1-936597-14-7

E-book: Autobiography/Biography/Memoirs

Book Title: Give Me Your Truth: Inspiration, Memoirs and Musings From the World of a New York City Publicist
Author: Sherri Rosen
Publisher: Sherri Rosen Publicity & Pixelbrand Creative Agency

Finalist: Out of the Fields: My Journey from Farmworker Boy to Pediatrician by Ramon Resa, MD – The Carlsbad Press – 978-0-9841643-0-1

E-book: Children’s Fiction

Book Title: Daria Rose and The Day She Chose
Author: Yvonne Capitelli
Publisher: First Edition Design Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-937520-95-3

Finalist: Pegasus: A Dragon’s Tale by Gina LoBiondo, illustrated by Stephanie Zuppo – Nephthys Publications – 978-09822674829
Finalist: The King’s Ransom (Young Knights of the Round Table) by Cheryl Carpinello – MuseItUp Publishing – 978-1-77127-056-4

E-Book: General Fiction

Book Title: Hystera
Author: Leora Skolkin-Smith
Publisher: Fiction Studio Books

Finalist: Espresso Fiction: A Collection of Flash Fiction for the Average Joe by Kaj Anderson-Bauer, Eleanor Bennett, Roy Buck, Brian Cooper, Jacqueline Delibes, Shawn Duyette, Christopher Hackbarth, Richard Helmling, Walter Holland, Sean Lefler, Danilo Lopez, Catherine A. MacKenzie, Monica Martinez, Debra Mathis, Melanie McDonald, Peter McKenna, Melissa Mendelson, Brandon Meyer, Shelley Muniz, Ryan Moll, Brittany Newell, Vincent Rendoni, Allie Rowbottom, Jessica Simms, Louise Farmer Smith, Simone Stedmon, Clare Tascio, Ling E. Teo, Valerie Tidwell, Lauren Tolbert, Gina Wohlsdorf, Meirav Zehavi – FictionBrigade – 978-0984983407
Finalist: Legends of the Vacaras: The Diary by John Fennell, II – CB Publishing and Design – 978-1-56411-581-2
Finalist: Strings of Color by Marian L. Thomas – L.B. Publishing – 978-0984896707

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