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The 2012 USA Best Book Awards (Part 4)

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E-book: Mystery/Thriller/Adventure

Book Title: The Shooting Case
Author: Cliff Terrell
Publisher:Life Force Books
ISBN: 978-0-9792331-7-4

Finalist: Butcher of Dreams by Kay Williams & Eileen Wyman – Calliope Press – 978-09847799-2-5
Finalist: Depth of Deception (A Titanic Murder Mystery) by Alexander Galant – Alexander Galant Entertainment Inc. – 978-0-9879835-0-3

E-book: Non-Fiction

Book Title: Four Percent: The Story of Uncommon Youth in a Century of American Life
Author: Michael S. Malone
Publisher: WindRush Publishing
ISBN: 978-098590970-3

Finalist: Maria’s Duck Tales: Wildlife Stories From My Garden by Maria Daddino – Llumina Press – 978-1-60594.341-1

E-books: Historical Fiction

Book Title: Toxic Distortions
Author: Teddy Goldstein
Publisher: CreateSpace

Education/Academic: General

Book Title: The Refractive Thinker®: Vol VII: Social Responsibility, edited
Author:Dr. Cheryl Lentz
Publisher: The Refractive Thinking® Press
ISBN: 978-0-9840054-2-0

Finalist: Musculoskeletal Anatomy Simplified by Dan Balewick – Mus Publishing – 978-0-9831797-9-5
Finalist: Reasoning with Numbers: Mastering the Thinking Skills That Make Math Fun and Easy to Learn by Brandon Royal – Maven Publishing – 978-1-897393-65-9
Finalist: TeenCoder: Java Programming by Homeschool Programming, Inc. – Homeschool Programming, Inc. – 978-0-9830749-4-6

Education/Academic: Teaching

Book Title: The Consumer Learner: Emerging Expectations of a Customer Service Mentality in Post-Secondary Education
Author: Dr. Gillian Silver & Dr. Cheryl Lentz
Publisher: Pensiero Press
ISBN: 978-0-9828740-4-2

Finalist: The Complete Guide to Business School Presenting: What Your Professors Don’t Tell You…What You Absolutely Must Know by Stanley K. Ridgley, PhD – Anthem Press – 978-0-85728-514-0
Finalist: The Fine Line Between ADHD and Kinesthetic Learners: 197 Kinesthetic Activities to Quickly Improve Reading, Memory, and Learning in Just 10 Weeks: The Ultimate Parent Handbook for ADHD, ADD, and Kinesthetic Learners by Ricki Linksman – National Reading Diagnostics Institute and Keys Learning – 978-1928997375
Finalist: The Kinetic Classroom by Renee Heiss – CreateSpace – 978-1466241558

Fiction: African American

Book Title: Love in a Carry-on Bag
Author: Sadeqa Johnson
Publisher: 12th Street Press
ISBN: 978-0-9847289-0-9

Finalist: Eye Candy by Frederick Germaine – F. Germaine Publishing – 978-0615623757
Finalist: Tribes of Time by Jaymes E. Terry – CreateSpace – 978-1469910758
Finalist: Wife 101 By A’ndrea J. Wilson – Divine Garden Press – 978-1466298750

Fiction: Anthologies

Book Title: 7 Hours
Author: Mike Dellosso, Rene Gutteridge, Travis Thrasher, Tom Pawlik, Ronie Kendig, James Andrew Wilson, Robin Parrish
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-4143-7477-2

Finalist: Chiral Mad: Anthology of Psychological Horror edited by Michael Bailey – Written Backwards – 978-1-4791-5243-8
Finalist: Oddities & Entities by Roland Allnach – All Things That Matter Press – 978-0985006648

Fiction: Chick Lit/Women’s Lit

Book Title: Motherless Child
Author: Marianne Langner Zeitlin
Publisher: Zephyr Press
ISBN: 978-0-9832970-5-5

Finalist: All the Difference by Kaira Rouda – Real You Publishing Group – 978-0-9849151-2-5
Finalist: Butterfly Messages by Jamie Elizabeth Tingen – Jamie Elizabeth Tingen – 978-1-466446816
Finalist: Death By Bridle: A Josiah Reynolds Mystery by Abigail Keam – Worker Bee Press – 978-1-4675-1735-5
Finalist: Feeding Mrs. Moskowitz and The Caregiver by Barbara Pokras and Fran Pokras Yariv – Syracuse University Press – 978-0-8156-0978-0
Finalist: Momnesia by Lori Verni-Fogarsi – Brickstone Publishing – 978-0-9840284-6-7
Finalist: Who’s Got the Money? by Meredith Holland and Morgan St. James – Oak Tree Press – 978-1-61009-119-0

Fiction: Cross Genre

Book Title: The Last Will and Testament of Lemuel Higgins
Author: Patrick James O’Connor
Publisher: Blackbriar Press
ISBN: 978-0-9830299-1-5

Finalist: Birthright: Book One in the Shepherd’s Moon Saga by J. Anne Fullerton – Outskirts Press – 978-1-4327-9459-0
Finalist: Blood Fest: Cursing Fate by Pepper O’Neal – Black Opal Books – 978-1-937329-24-2
Finalist: Girl Unmoored by Jennifer Gooch Hummer – Fiction Studio Books – 978-193655830-8
Finalist: Privacy Wars: A Cybertech Thriller by John D. Trudel – CreateSpace – 978-0983588634
Finalist: Race from the Finish by Diane T. Dignan – Abbott Press – 978-1-4582-0565-0

Fiction: Erotica

Book Title: Exultation: Erotic Tales of Divine Union
Author: Jacqueline Sa
Publisher: Roots & Legends
ISBN: 978-0-9840324-0-2

Finalist: Her Twisted Pleasures by Amelia James – Evolved Publishing – 978-1622538140

Fiction: Fantasy

Book Title: Deliverance: Mortal Path Book 3
Author: Dakota Banks
Publisher: Harper Voyager
ISBN: 978-0062049988

Finalist: Progenitor: Palak and the Sky Gods (Vol. I) by Patrick T. German – CreateSpace – 978-147758383678
Finalist: Sagaria by John Dahlgren – EDM (Editions Didier Millet) – 978-981-4260-52-7
Finalist: Secret of the Songshell by Brian Tashima – Prism Valley Press – 978-0615648156
Finalist: Tamechactee: Arrow Soul by Joseph M. Landing, Jr. – Dog Ear Publishing – 978-1-4575-0836-3
Finalist: Valley of Dust by Karoleen Vry Brucks – Xlibris – 978-1-4771-2534-2

Fiction: Gay & Lesbian

Book Title: The Indelible Heart
Author: Marianne K. Martin
Publisher: Bywater Books
ISBN: 978-1-932859-77-5

Finalist: The Ghosts of Stonewall by Alderin Ordell – CreateSpace – 978-1475066852

Fiction: General

Book Title: Hollywood Buckaroo
Author: Tracy Debrincat
Publisher: Black Lawrence Press
ISBN: 978-0-9828766-8-8

Finalist: Crossing Oceans by Gina Holmes – Tyndale House – 978-1-4143-3305-2
Finalist: One Foot in the Black: A Wildland Firefighter’s Story by Kurt Kamm – MCM Publications – 978-0-9798551-5-3
Finalist: Serenity by Tom Bleakley – Word Association – 978-1-59571-798-6
Finalist: Six Bits by Michael Ringering – Autumn Leaf Publishers – 978-1-936314-59-1
Finalist: The Last Newspaperman by Mark Di Ionno – Plexus Publishing, Inc. – 978-0-937548-74-5

Fiction: Graphic Novel

Book Title: Anne Steelyard, The Garden of Emptiness: A Thousand Waters- Book 3
Author: Barbara Hambly
Publisher: Penny-Farthing Press
ISBN: 978-0-9842143-4-1

Finalist: Luci Phurr’s Imps – A Children’s Story for Grown Ups: A Hard Daemon’s Night, Book 1 by Dale Mettam – Penny-Farthing Press – 978-0-9842143-2-7

Fiction: Historical

Book Title: The Whip
Author: Karen Kondazian
Publisher: Hansen Publishing Group
ISBN: 978-1-60182-302-1

Finalist: Altamont Augie by Richard Barager – Interloper Press – 978-0-9830661-0-1
Finalist: Maps of Fate by Reid Lance Rosenthal – Rockin SR Publishing – 978-0-9821576-3-3
Finalist: The Power and the Glory by William C. Hammond – Naval Institute Press – 978-1612510521
Finalist: To Kill the Duke by Sam Moffie – CreateSpace – 978-1-4611-4706-0
Finalist: To Serve a King by Donna Russo Morin – Kensington Publishing – 978-0758246813

Fiction: Horror

Book Title: Code Blood
Author: Kurt Kamm
Publisher: MCM Publications
ISBN: 978-0-9798851-3-9

Finalist: Oddities & Entities by Roland Allnach – All Things That Matter Press – 978-0985006648
Finalist: The Book of Paul by Richard Long – Open Eyes – 978-0615648644

Fiction: Literary

Book Title: Other Oceans: Book Two of the Hook & Jill Saga
Author: Andrea Jones
Publisher: Reginetta Press
ISBN: 978-0-9823714-0-4

Finalist: An American Children’s Crusade by Patricia Weenolsen – Rubythroat Press, LLC –
Finalist: Motherless Child by Marianne Langner Zeitlin – Zephyr Press – 978-0-9832970-5-5
Finalist: The Glister Journals: Bronze by B.B. Shepherd – China Blue Publishing – 978-0982893609
Finalist: The Last Will and Testament of Lemuel Higgins by Patrick James O’Connor – Blackbriar Press – 978-0-9830299-1-5
Finalist: Whispering Tides: A touching, funny and memorable tale set in Savannah by Guido Mattioni – CreateSpace – 978-1469934815

Fiction: Multicultural

Book Title: Shadow on the Wall (The Sandstorm Chronicles #1)
Author: Pavarti K. Tyler
Publisher: Fighting Monkey Press
ISBN: 978-0983876908

Finalist: Methuselah’s Pillar by W.G. Griffiths – Headline Books, Inc. – 978-0938467410
Finalist: Secret History of the Cherokees by Deborah L. Duvall, Murv Jacob and James Murray – Indian Territory Press – 978-0983266204
Finalist: Two Destitutes: Cold and Darkness by Giorgio Germont – Sarah Book Publishing – 978-1-61456-019-7
Finalist: Writ of Mandamus by Rick Robinson – Headline Books, Inc. – 978-0-938467359

Fiction: Mystery/Suspense

Book Title: Sapphire Trails
Author: Marilyn Jax
Publisher: Beaver’s Pond Press
ISBN: 978-1-59298-506-7

Finalist: Code Blood by Kurt Kamm – MCM Publications – 978-0-9798851-3-9
Finalist: Death By Bridle: A Josiah Reynolds Mystery by Abigail Keam – Worker Bee Press – 978-1-4675-1735-5
Finalist: God’s Eye by A.J. Scudiere – Griffyn Ink – 978-0-9799510-8-4
Finalist: Phoenix by A.J. Scudiere – Griffyn Ink – 978-1-937996-06-2
Finalist: Vicki’s Key by P.M. Terrell – Drake Valley Press – 978-1-935970-03-3

Fiction: New Age

Book Title: Lady Grace
Author: Sandy Nathan
Publisher: Vilasa Press
ISBN: 978-1-937927-00-4

Finalist: Among The Cloud Dwellers by Giuliana Sica – Gemellipress – 978-0-9821023-3-6
Finalist: Dreamer’s Island by Gretchen Hummel – iUniverse – 978-1-4620-4483-2
Finalist: Splintered Light by Lee Denning – Twilight Times Books – 978-1-60619-020-3

Fiction: Religious

Book Title: Dry as Rain
Author: Gina Holmes
Publisher: Tyndale House
ISBN: 978-1-4143-3306-9

Finalist: Apocalypsis by Lecon J. Murphy – Outskirts Press – 978-1-4327-9546-7
Finalist: Bees In The Butterfly Garden by Maureen Lang – Tyndale House – 978-1-4143-6446-9

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